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Coating For Auto Paint

Coating For Auto Paint

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Introducing Ceramic Coating for Auto Paint – your vehicle's ultimate shield against the elements. Say goodbye to traditional coatings and hello to superior protection with this innovative solution. Engineered for durability and long-lasting results, our ceramic coating offers extreme hyperactive water beading and self-cleaning properties, making maintenance a breeze. With no extensive surface prep required, you can apply it in seconds and enjoy robust protection against UV rays, extreme weather, and contamination. Whether you're a beginner looking for durable protection or need to revitalize an existing ceramic coating, our product delivers unmatched performance and a lasting finish. Elevate your vehicle's protection with Ceramic Coating for Auto Paint – the choice of discerning car enthusiasts everywhere.

Package Includes:
S6-300ML Kit :
S6-300ML Bottled *1
Nozzle *1
Sponge Applicator *2
Microfiber Towel *1

S6-100ML Kit :
S6-100ML Bottled *1
Nozzle *1
Sponge Applicator *1

S6-50ML Kit :
S6-50ML Bottled *1
Nozzle *1
Sponge Applicator *1

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